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One of the best vertical jump programs

Basketball players, among other professional sports players, employ different techniques to boost their performance on the court or field. Among these techniques is vertical training that allows a player to jump as high as he can with the aim of dunking a basketball straight into a basket. Despite their supermen abilities, vertical jumping is very achievable thanks to various training programs. Most of these programs have some things in common like a common jumping technique known as precision jumping. However, they differ in strength when delivering the best results.

The Jump Manual

jump manual reviewOne of the best vertical training programs is the jump manual by Coach Jacob Hiller. While educating players on why they are unable to achieve higher vertical jumps, he relays a detailed 2-week plan that is guaranteed to work.

Players are advised to develop a perfect balance between emulating the correct principles and techniques that will help them succeed while maintaining discipline and consuming the correct nutritional diet. Since Jacob developed this program, he has been able to achieve 44 inches of vertical jump showing the program is very effective. The program does not discriminate against pro basketball players from ordinary people. It is effective for anyone who is interested in increasing his vertical jump.

Who is Coach Jacob Hiller?

Jacob HillerJacob Hiller played High School, collegiate and Pro basketball. He has trained athletes in 33 Countries, so we’re talking about someone who knows how to train athletes. Jacob Hiller and his team own their own state of the art research equipment. He has trained coaches and athletes at every level.

He wasn’t the coaches favorite but didn’t let that stop him.

He has been featured on ESPN, SI, Men’s Health and many other magazines.

Product Details

The program contains a workout chart, training videos, nutritional diet plan, one-on-one training and weight room options. The chart indicates a player’s progress so he can monitor his daily jumping results for the ultimate effectiveness. The training videos contain different exercise and stretching regimes while the nutritional diet reveals the types of food for consumption that promote higher jumps with the least injuries. The one-on-one training ensures the program users’ questions are answered to their satisfaction.

Finally, the weight room options are meant to encourage players to continue with the program regardless of the fact they do not have access to any weight room. Additionally, users of the program get the chance to check out interviews with professional players and NBA coaches.

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Advantages of Jump Manual

The program is among the most effective one in the market since it was developed by a professional coach. The techniques used aim to improve a player’s strength and jumping abilities instead of hurting their bodies. The coach is aware of the fact that jumping can be dangerous. Therefore, these techniques also promote safety.

The program accommodates people as young as 12 years old. The coach encourages training at an early age to harness the necessary abilities. However, proper training is advised to reduce risks of getting hurt.

In order to use the program, users do not require a weight room. Therefore, the training regime is flexible enough to encourage many players without a weight room to train as effectively as those with a weight room.

The package is very affordable. The regular price is $129, but right now you can get it for only $67. At $67, users can get the complete packaged software to start their journey of increasing their vertical jumps.

You can actually try Jump Manual for only $1 right now.

One-on-one training that allows players to ask any questions they might have. This package makes players feel like they are in a real basketball court.

Fast results in lesser than 12 weeks. However, players need to religiously follow Coach Jacob’s guide, and balanced ‘Jump Manual’ diet to gain the best.

jump manual 60 day money back guaranteeThere’s  a 60-day money-back guarantee, which means if you’re not satisfied with the results you’re getting you can have your money back within the 60 days.

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Just like the saying, nothing good comes easy, players using this program must give 100% hard work, dedication, and discipline if they are to reap any fruits.


The program appears to be very effective. The combination of principles, discipline, proper techniques and diet ensures every user is at his best so he can provide his best. Jump Manual have received a lot of positive reviews from the users.

Here’s Matthew Godley’s testimonial video

You have nothing to loose and everything to gain

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